What Is the Most Secure Pin Back

Discover the world of custom badges with Badges UK, your premier badge manufacturer! Many people enjoy displaying our collection of pins, whether on their walls or on bags, jackets and various accessories. However, a common problem arises - over time, pins tend to get lost unknowingly. One of the most common solutions is to lock the back of the pin.

In days gone by, lapel pins and tie pins had strong, secure locking pin backs. Sheriffs cherish their personal pins, and motorcycle riders proudly adorn their hats and jackets with club pins. Each pin is a piece of certification and recognition that is important to the wearer. These pins are more than just popular promotional items; they have significance as badges of honor, symbols of recognition, and sources of status.

Pins from the past prioritized quality and safety over price, Badges UK's vintage pins often display luxurious locking pin backs and threaded locks, highlighting durability and sturdiness.


But now, convenient and beautiful products such as butterfly clutch bags dominate the market.

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Butterfly clutch

The most well-known pin lock, the butterfly clutch, is the standard pin option for many pins. These clasps are usually silver or gold and require pressing of "butterfly wings" to open and remove the lock. While cost-effective, the disadvantage is that it is susceptible to accidental pinching, resulting in pin loss.


Although this option is not the optimal solution, it can be an option when the budget is limited and the requirements are not high. It is better than no fixed means.


Rubber backing

For a tighter hold, rubber backings came in and proved effective, especially for pins worn on jackets or bags that didn't bump into a lot of movement. However, frequent removal and use or active wear and tear can also cause the rubber to loosen, resulting in pin loss. Still, the rubber backing provides comfort and is ideal for jackets and sweaters.


Choose a black rubber backing for a balance of safety and comfort.


Pin lock with tool

If you've ever been to one of those motorcycle shops, you probably know that there are also these pin locks that come with the tools that come with them. However, while these pin-fastening options are relatively secure, these locks require tools to apply the pins, which can be cumbersome. And there may be issues such as insufficient tightness and potential skin irritation.


Luxury lock/tie pin

Deluxe locking pin backs are known for their superior security and feature metal designs in various shapes, such as tie pegs. These locks are difficult to accidentally remove, giving you peace of mind. However, they may add weight to your accessories, and purchasing them often incurs a higher expense.


Thread lock

Thread locks are a favorite fastening option from the vintage era and offer a unique retro aesthetic. However, they require a separate hole, which makes them less lightweight and practical for modern use. The secure swivel design will fit denim or cotton shirts, but may not fit thicker materials.


Beyond this, before selecting a thread lock, we recommend that you evaluate the thread lock's compatibility with your intended pin location.

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