How much do custom embroidered patches cost

Whether you have already purchased custom embroidered patches and want to be fully prepared for your next purchase, or you are learning about custom patches for the first time and want more helpful information. This article is for you! On behalf of Badges UK, I will explain in detail the factors that affect custom embroidered patches for clothes and then provide a clear price list for your reference.

The Factors to Affect the Price of Custom Embroidered Patches


Quantity is an essential factor. The more you order, the cheaper the price of a single patch. Because there are fixed costs to make one patch and 100 patches, which can be divided under the total quantity, for example, when we make one patch, the price will be divided into one piece, but when we make 100 patches, the cost can be divided into 100 pieces. Is that clear enough to understand now? The fixed costs include machine setting fees, design fees, raw material preparation fees, etc. Some suppliers require an MOQ, i.e., minimum order quantity, while others, like Badges UK, don’t place an MOQ. They respect every customer’s unique need.


The size of the patch will also affect the price. The larger the patch, the higher the price. This is because larger patches require more stitches and fabrics.


How does complexity affect the custom patch price? A patch with complex patterns and rich colour layers will cost more than ordinary patches from design to processing. Designers need to spend more time communicating with customers, and the design of the artwork that satisfies customers needs to go through several revisions. In terms of processing, complex patches require the proficiency of skilled workers to ensure that there are no skipped lines. At the same time, complex patterns also require more precise equipment to complete, and the equipment increases the production cost.


Most suppliers offer up to 7 thread colours complimentary in your embroidered patches. And provide four free colours to air soft patches. Each additional colour will require an extra cost per patch. At the same time, Badges UK can offer nine thread colours complimentary for your custom patches, thanks to their advanced equipment. 


The type of border can also affect the price of patches. Three main border types are used: Merrow, Hot Cut, and Laser Cut. The Merrow Border sews directly around the patches, which is straightforward and does not significantly impact the price. The Hot Cut Border uses heat to cut the edges, resulting in a slightly melted glue-like appearance around the edges, and this process costs more than the Merrow Border. The Laser Cut Border requires advanced machinery and equipment, making it the most expensive option. However, patches cut with laser technology have smooth, precise edges. If you prioritize the quality of your patches over the cost, the Laser Cut Border is your best choice. Taking advantage of its top-notch technique, Badges UK can offer customers the best option at a competitive price.  


The type of backing is the most significant factor affecting the price of custom patches. You can choose based on your needs.
Sew on patch is as simple as the sew borders we mentioned above. This patch has no other materials added on the back, so the cost is the lowest. It would help if you sewed the borders to fasten them tightly on your garments.
The iron on patches for clothes feature a heat-activated adhesive backing. The adhesive melts into the fabric when heating the patches with iron, offering a secure hold. It is suitable for those who don’t know how to sew on patches. Compared to custom sew on patches, the price of custom iron on patches is slightly higher while most people favour them. In our article How to Iron Badge on Shirt, we have detailed the method of using iron on embroidered patch, if you are interested, you can read our article.
Velcro patch adds a layer of velcro material on the back of the patches, increasing processing and raw material costs. The weight will also increase, so it is the most costly among these three types of custom embroidered patches.

All Prices Including

We need to know what goes into the price to get a clearer mind of the cost of custom embroidered patches.

Design Fee

When we get a great idea, we will draw it down on the paper immediately and send it out to any patch suppliers. We will communicate with suppliers several times until the concept is confirmed. You may feel like you need clarification. We have already designed the artwork or created an idea ourselves, so why are there still design feet? The reason is that the final presentation of the patch will be affected by the colour of the thread, the equipment, and the skills of the workers; the manufacturer must comprehensively consider all aspects to provide you with the best solution. Avoid situations where the goods you receive differ from the board and affect your customization experience. Badges UK has a professional team of designers and rich expertise in patch processing so that you can get the patches closest to your design ideas.

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Sample Fee

Before mass production, we ask suppliers to provide samples. Only when the samples meet our requirements will we agree to let suppliers produce mass products? This can avoid significant losses caused by poor quality or inconsistent goods. However, producing samples requires a certain amount of labour, and some custom embroidered patches with unique designs even require mould opening fees. We have mentioned above why single production is more costly than mass production.

Expedited Freight

Expedited orders require expedited logistics, and the shipping time may be shortened from the original 3/4 days to 1/2 day. In addition, the factory production must prioritize your production, which will incur additional costs. Badges UK relies on stable cooperative logistics and mature factory processing experience to complete expedited orders at a lower price than most other suppliers.

Colour Surcharge

Generally, an embroidered patch can have up to 9 colours, and additional colours will be surcharged. For example, if your patch has 12 colours, then 9 of them are free, while the other three colours will be charged extra.

How Much do Custom Patches Cost to Buy

To help you shop around, I provide you with a clear and transparent price list from Badges UK. If you are looking for a patch supplier with competitive prices, high quality, good service, and short delivery times, I strongly recommend Badges UK, which has been in this industry for more than ten years. They have cooperated with many Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are individual buyers, sports teams or embroidered patches wholesalers, they treat each of you equally and try their best to provide a satisfying service.

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