What is a british empire medal

What is a british empire medal?

Are you curious about the British Empire Medal (BEM) and its historical significance? Next, we'll delve into the history, purpose, and the unique aspects of this prestigious British honor.


The British Empire Medal (BEM) has a rich history dating back to 1922 when it was introduced to replace the Medal of the Order of the British Empire. This medal is a symbol of recognition for meritorious civil or military service that has earned the approval of the Crown. Recipients of the BEM are granted the privilege of using the post-nominal letters "BEM," which signifies their remarkable contributions to society.


One interesting aspect of the BEM is that it is divided into civil and military medals, much like the Order of the British Empire. Although recipients of the BEM are not formally considered members of the Order, these medals are closely associated with it. They represent the dedication and excellence demonstrated by individuals who have gone above and beyond in their service to the United Kingdom.


The history of the BEM saw it awarded to subjects of the United Kingdom until 1992. After that, it went into abeyance in the United Kingdom, which means it was temporarily suspended. However, it was not forgotten, as it continued to be awarded in some Commonwealth realms. The BEM remained a symbol of honor and distinction, even during its hiatus.


In a significant turn of events, the British Empire Medal was revived in June 2012, marking a remarkable occasion—the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This reinstatement brought renewed prestige to the BEM, emphasizing its importance in recognizing outstanding service to the nation.


So, what makes the British Empire Medal stand out among other honors and awards? The BEM is a testament to an individual's commitment to society, be it in the civil or military realm. It showcases their dedication and noteworthy contributions, and it is a symbol of the Crown's appreciation.


Custom Medals:

While the British Empire Medal itself follows a specific design and format, there is room for customization when it comes to medals. Many organizations and institutions opt for custom medals to honor individuals or groups for their unique achievements and contributions. Custom medals allow you to design a medal that is tailor-made to represent the specific accomplishments and qualities you wish to recognize.


Whether it's for a sports event, academic achievement, or any other special occasion, custom medals provide a personalized touch to your recognition efforts. They can be designed to feature different shapes, sizes, materials, and engravings to suit your requirements.


What do you get a British Empire medal for?

"What Makes You Worthy of a British Empire Medal (BEM)?" If you're curious about what it takes to earn a British Empire Medal (BEM), you've come to the right place. This prestigious award is a symbol of dedication, commitment, and a heartfelt contribution to the local community. Here, we'll delve into the criteria that make an individual deserving of this honor.


The British Empire Medal (BEM)

The British Empire Medal, often referred to as BEM, is an accolade that recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond in serving their local community. Whether you're involved in long-term charitable or voluntary work or have undertaken innovative projects that have made a significant impact over a shorter period, this medal celebrates those who have made a difference.


'Hands-On' Service to the Local Community

To earn a British Empire Medal, you must exhibit a 'hands-on' approach to community service. This means actively engaging in the betterment of your local area, rolling up your sleeves, and getting involved. The BEM is not just about theoretical support; it's a tribute to those who put their words into action.


Long-Term Charitable or Voluntary Activity

One path to earning a BEM is through long-term charitable or voluntary work. This involves dedicating a substantial part of your life to a cause, organization, or community project. Whether you've been helping out at a local charity, supporting a community center, or volunteering at a school for years, your unwavering commitment is valued and recognized.


Innovative Work with Significant Impact

Not all BEM recipients have to be engaged in long-term activities. If you've undertaken innovative projects or initiatives with a relatively shorter duration, typically spanning three to four years, but have had a profound and lasting impact on your local community, you may still be eligible for this prestigious medal.


The Nomination Process

Individuals cannot apply for the British Empire Medal themselves. Nominations are typically made by community members, colleagues, or peers who recognize the exceptional contributions of someone within their local community. The nomination process is rigorous, and candidates are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they meet the stringent criteria.


What Makes the BEM Special?

Receiving a British Empire Medal is a true honor. It acknowledges the selflessness, dedication, and passion of individuals who have made their local communities better places. It's a testament to the fact that one person can make a significant difference, and their efforts are not only appreciated but also celebrated.


So, whether you've been actively involved in charitable work for decades or you've spearheaded innovative community projects that have had a remarkable impact over a shorter period, your dedication to the local community can be your ticket to earning the British Empire Medal. It's a symbol of appreciation for 'hands-on' service and a reminder that the spirit of volunteerism and community service is alive and well in the modern world.


Is a British Empire medal rare?

The Medal of the Order of the British Empire, often referred to as the British Empire Medal, holds a prestigious place in the realm of honors and awards. Established in June 1917, this medal, which was a part of the broader Order of the British Empire, was bestowed upon individuals who displayed exceptional merit or gallantry. But the question that piques our curiosity is, "Is a British Empire Medal rare?" Let's delve into the history and significance of this distinguished accolade while exploring the world of custom medals and badges in the UK.


The British Empire Medal: A Brief Overview

The British Empire Medal was created to recognize remarkable contributions and outstanding acts of valor. It was awarded not only to British citizens but also extended its reach to commendable individuals from foreign countries. To date, 2,014 people have had the honor of receiving this prestigious award, with a staggering 800 recipients hailing from foreign lands. This fact alone makes it abundantly clear that the British Empire Medal is indeed a rare and coveted distinction.


Custom Medals and Badges in the UK

While the British Empire Medal exemplifies the grandeur of national and international recognition, there's another realm of honors that shines brightly in the United Kingdom – custom medals and badges. These exquisite pieces of artistry are designed to commemorate achievements, events, and accomplishments on a more personalized level.


Custom medals are a fantastic way to celebrate excellence within your organization, club, or group. Whether it's recognizing top-performing employees, commemorating a milestone, or honoring the winners of a sports event, custom medals can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. They provide a tangible symbol of achievement, one that can be proudly displayed as a reminder of dedication and hard work.


Badges, on the other hand, serve as a form of identification and recognition in various settings. Be it in the corporate world, at events, or in the realm of academia, badges are a means of distinguishing individuals based on their roles, accomplishments, or affiliations. Custom badges allow you to create a unique identity, fostering a sense of pride and unity among your group or team.


Whether you're looking to design custom medals or badges in the UK, there are numerous reputable companies that specialize in crafting these bespoke pieces. From choosing the materials and designs to adding personal engravings, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your own custom medals and badges. These items are more than just accessories; they're symbols of achievement, unity, and belonging.


Is a British Empire medal higher than OBE?

When it comes to prestigious awards and honors, the United Kingdom has a rich tradition of recognizing outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to their fields. Among the most renowned of these distinctions are the various orders of the British Empire, including the Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE), and Member (MBE) awards. Many people often wonder about the hierarchy among these honors, and whether a British Empire Medal (MBE) is considered higher than an OBE. Let's dive into the distinctions between these awards and shed some light on the matter.


The Order of the British Empire (OBE):

The OBE is an esteemed award that recognizes individuals who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. This includes contributions to arts and sciences, public service, charitable work, or any other area that has had a positive influence on society. Being awarded an OBE is a great honor and reflects the recipient's dedication and excellence in their chosen endeavor.


The Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE):

A CBE is one rank higher than an OBE and is often seen as a more significant recognition of an individual's contributions. The Commander award is typically bestowed upon those who have made an exceptional impact or exhibited outstanding achievement in their field. It is a step up the ladder in terms of prestige within the Order of the British Empire.


The British Empire Medal (MBE):

Now, let's talk about the British Empire Medal. Contrary to what some might think, an MBE is actually lower in the hierarchy than both the OBE and the CBE. The British Empire Medal is a recognition of outstanding, dedicated service to the community, and it is often awarded to individuals who have contributed significantly to their local area or within a specific domain. While it is indeed a prestigious award, it is not considered as high as the OBE or CBE in terms of rank.


In summary, when comparing these distinctions, the hierarchy is clear: CBE is the highest ranking Order of the British Empire award, followed by OBE and then MBE. The British Empire Medal is a noble recognition of community service and achievement but falls below the OBE and CBE in the order of precedence.


Custom Medals and Badges UK:

If you're looking for ways to commemorate and celebrate your own achievements or the accomplishments of someone you admire, custom medals and badges can be a fantastic choice. In the UK, there are skilled professionals and organizations that specialize in creating personalized medals and badges to mark special moments and milestones. These custom medals and badges can be beautifully designed to reflect the significance of the achievement, whether it's in the world of sports, education, business, or any other field.


Who has a British Empire medal?

The British Empire Medal, a distinguished honor, has been awarded to individuals for their outstanding contributions to society and their commitment to making the world a better place. But who exactly has received this prestigious medal, and what have they accomplished to earn such recognition? Here, we'll delve into the lives of a few remarkable individuals who have been proud recipients of the British Empire Medal. We'll also explore the significance of custom medals and badges in the UK.


Recipients of the British Empire Medal:

The British Empire Medal, commonly known as the BEM, is a prestigious award presented to individuals for their exceptional contributions and service. Here are a few notable recipients:


  1. Rhammel Afflick:

Rhammel Afflick is a well-known British athlete who has represented his country in various international competitions. His remarkable achievements in the world of sports have earned him the British Empire Medal, a testament to his dedication and hard work.


  1. Apache Indian:

Apache Indian, a celebrated British musician and reggae artist, received the BEM in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the music industry. His unique blend of reggae and Indian influences has left a lasting impact on the world of music.


  1. Jane Asher (Swimmer):

Jane Asher, an accomplished swimmer, was awarded the British Empire Medal for her exceptional achievements in the sport of swimming. Her dedication to her craft and numerous accolades make her a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor.


  1. Bob Astles:

Bob Astles, a respected figure in the political and social spheres, was recognized with the BEM for his tireless efforts in community development and advocacy. His commitment to improving the lives of others has made a lasting impact on the community.


  1. Florence Attridge:

Florence Attridge is another remarkable recipient of the British Empire Medal. Her work in the field of healthcare and charity has touched the lives of many. Her selfless contributions to society earned her this prestigious honor.


Custom Medals and Badges in the UK:

Custom medals and badges play an integral role in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of individuals like those mentioned above. In the UK, these personalized awards are often used to honor outstanding contributions in various fields, from sports and music to community service and healthcare.


Whether it's a custom-made medal to recognize an athlete's dedication or a badge designed to commemorate a significant achievement, these awards carry sentimental value and serve as a symbol of pride and accomplishment. Custom medals and badges in the UK are a way to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary efforts and contributions of individuals who make a difference in our society.