Which side to wear medals uk

Why do British wear medals?

Medals have always held a special place in the hearts of the British people. Be it for recognizing service, showcasing long and valuable service, or demonstrating good conduct, medals are an integral part of the UK's cultural and military heritage. Here, we'll delve into the intriguing tradition of why the British wear medals and explore the significance behind these custom medals and badges UK.


Recognizing Service:

One of the primary reasons why the British wear medals is to recognize service. Medals are awarded to individuals who have dedicated their time, effort, and often risked their lives in the service of their country. These custom medals are a testament to their bravery, commitment, and unwavering loyalty.


Whether it's the gallant soldiers who have served in various theatres of war or the diligent members of the emergency services who protect our communities, medals serve as a symbol of gratitude and recognition for their dedication. These medals stand as a proud reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals for the greater good.


Long or Valuable Service:

In the United Kingdom, long and valuable service is highly respected, and medals are an excellent way to acknowledge and celebrate the dedication of individuals who have spent many years in their chosen profession. Whether it's the police force, fire service, or the military, custom medals are often awarded to those who have demonstrated their unwavering commitment over extended periods.


For instance, the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, commonly known as the LS&GC medal, is awarded to members of the armed forces who have completed at least 15 years of unblemished service. This prestigious award reflects not only the length of service but also the exemplary conduct of the recipients throughout their careers.


Good Conduct:

Medals also play a crucial role in encouraging and recognizing good conduct within the British armed forces. The Queen's Regulations for the Army, the Manual of Military Law, and similar documents outline the criteria for earning medals for good conduct. These medals are awarded to individuals who consistently demonstrate discipline, integrity, and professionalism in their roles.


The tradition of wearing custom medals and badges UK associated with good conduct is a source of pride for the recipients and a reminder to others of the importance of upholding high moral and ethical standards within the military and other services.


When Do You Wear Military Medals?

If you're a retiree, veteran, or active service member, you may have wondered when it's appropriate to wear your well-deserved military medals on your civilian clothes. The act of adorning oneself with these symbols of honor and valor is a proud tradition, but it's crucial to know when and where it's appropriate to wear them.


  1. Commemorative and Memorial Events

A commendation conference, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day are among the occasions when it's not only acceptable but also encouraged to wear your military medals proudly. These are moments when we honor the sacrifices and achievements of our brave servicemen and women. Adorning your uniform with custom medals and badges UK at these events is a way to pay homage to your service and the service of others.


  1. Parades, Exhibitions, and Funerals

Parades, exhibitions, and funerals are other significant events where wearing military medals is entirely fitting. Parades often showcase the strength and unity of our armed forces, and your medals can serve as a symbol of your dedication. Exhibitions, on the other hand, offer the public an opportunity to appreciate the history and heroism behind those medals. Funerals, of course, are solemn occasions where your medals can be a touching reminder of a life dedicated to service.


  1. Special Occasions

In some countries, it is customary to wear military medals at special occasions such as weddings. The act of wearing these medals at a wedding symbolizes honor and valor, and it reflects the shared values of the couple. However, it's essential to note that wearing medals at a wedding typically requires wearing military uniforms. This unique tradition is a powerful testament to the commitment and sacrifices made in the name of duty.


  1. Caution in Casual Wear

One crucial rule to remember is that you should never wear military medals casually, especially with your daily clothing. These medals hold immense significance and represent a commitment to duty and country. Wearing them without proper respect and context can diminish their value and dishonor the sacrifices they stand for.


Custom Medals and Badges UK

Custom medals and badges UK play a vital role in this entire process. These bespoke items allow you to personalize your representation of service and achievement. Whether you want to create a special medal for a unique event or need badges for your unit or organization, custom medals and badges UK can help you craft the perfect symbol of honor. These personalized items can be a source of pride and a meaningful way to commemorate your service.


How to Choose Military Medals?

When it comes to honoring the brave individuals who serve in our military, choosing the right military medals is an important decision. Military medals come in three distinct types - enamel lapel pins, miniature military medals, and full-size military medals. Each of these awards holds a special significance, making it crucial to pick the right one for the occasion.


  1. Full Size Military Medals:

   - On formal occasions, full-size military medals are the go-to choice. These medals are a symbol of valor and heroism and are typically worn on the chest of a military uniform.

   - Full-size military medals can vary in design and meaning, reflecting the diverse accomplishments and achievements of our brave servicemen and women.

   - When searching for full-size military medals, consider custom medals for a personalized touch. Custom medals can feature specific emblems or inscriptions that make them unique to the recipient.


  1. Enamel Lapel Pins:

   - Enamel lapel pins are a more versatile way to showcase military honors. These pins are often worn on civilian attire, such as suits or dress shirts, and represent a special medal or award.

   - The enamel lapel pin stands for the highest honor and is a subtle but powerful way to show respect for the recipient's service.

   - If you're looking for a unique twist, consider exploring custom medals or enamel lapel pins. Custom medals can be tailored to include the recipient's name or a personal message, making them even more meaningful.


  1. Miniature Military Medals:

   - Miniature military medals are the perfect choice for less formal occasions, such as military-themed evening events. These smaller versions of full-size medals create a neater and less cluttered appearance.

   - Miniature military medals offer a tasteful way to display one's achievements while maintaining a polished and elegant look.

   - For those who value individuality, custom medals can be an excellent option. Customizing your miniature military medals or even enamel lapel pins can help you add a personal touch to the recognition.


In the UK, finding the right badges for military medals is a breeze. The term "badges UK" can guide you to various reputable sources and manufacturers who specialize in crafting high-quality military awards. You can explore a wide array of options, including custom medals and unique designs that align with the specific achievements of the recipient.


How to Wear Military Awards Medals?

Are you the proud owner of military awards medals and wondering how to wear them with honor and respect? Wearing military awards medals is a tradition that signifies your dedication and service to your country. Whether you're attending a formal event or a special occasion, here's a guide on how to wear your medals properly and proudly.

  1. Placement on the Left Chest Pocket: These military awards medals are typically worn over the left side of a formal jacket or coat, just like a left chest pocket. This placement emphasizes the importance of your achievements and sacrifices.


  1. Parallel to the Ground: When securing your medals, ensure that the center of the holding bar is parallel to the ground. This provides a neat and professional appearance, allowing your medals to be clearly seen.


  1. Seniority Order: To display your medals correctly, arrange them in order of seniority. The most senior medal should be positioned furthest to the left, closest to the shoulder, while the least senior medal should be near your left shoulder. This order pays tribute to the significance of your various accomplishments.


  1. Order of Precedence: In addition to the seniority order, consider the age of your military medals. The older medals should be placed closest to the shoulder, honoring their historical importance in your military career.


  1. Single Row Display: It's important to note that you should only wear military medals in a single row. Overcrowding your medals can diminish their impact and significance, so choose your most meaningful awards for display.


  1. No Handkerchiefs with Medals: While it may be tempting to accessorize with a handkerchief, avoid wearing one alongside your military medals. Simplicity is key, and the focus should be on your achievements.


  1. Respect Others' Awards: It goes without saying, but it's essential to respect the sanctity of others' award medals. Only wear the medals that you have earned through your own dedication and service.


  1. Nonofficial or Commemorative Awards: Nonofficial or commemorative awards should be worn on the right side. This maintains the integrity of the official military awards on your left side.


  1. Custom Medals and Badges UK: If you have custom medals or badges UK that hold special meaning for you, there is no set limit on the number you can wear, as long as they do not overlap. However, it's advisable to limit them to no more than five medals to maintain an organized and respectful appearance.


How Military Medals Look Like?

When it comes to military medals, they carry a unique blend of history, honor, and prestige. These awards symbolize courage, sacrifice, and exceptional service, and they are typically crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Here, we'll explore the appearance of military medals and shed light on some fascinating aspects of these prestigious honors.


The Anatomy of Military Medals

Most military medals consist of two primary components: the medal itself and its accompanying ribbon. The medal, usually cast in metal, bears intricate designs and engravings that reflect the specific honor it represents. For instance, you might have seen medals featuring eagles, stars, or other iconic symbols.


Medals often come in two popular finishes: Shiny Gold and Antique Brass. These finishes exude a sense of timelessness and elegance, befitting the significance of the awards. The Shiny Gold option glistens brilliantly, while Antique Brass offers a more classic, weathered appearance.


The Ribbon and Safety Pin

The ribbon attached to the medal serves not only as a means of wearing it but also as a symbol of pride and distinction. The colors and patterns of the ribbon are thoughtfully chosen to align with the medal's purpose and significance. In the United States, for instance, military medals often feature red, white, and blue ribbons, echoing the nation's flag.


To wear these medals, safety pins are typically employed. These pins securely fasten the medal and ribbon to the recipient's uniform or attire. This practice allows for the medals to be proudly displayed, whether on a military uniform or during formal occasions.


Wearing Rules

It's important to note that different countries may have distinct rules and regulations when it comes to wearing military medals. In many western countries, these rules are observed meticulously to ensure that the medals are displayed with the utmost respect and honor. These regulations often cover the proper placement, order, and positioning of the medals on the recipient's uniform.


Custom Medals for Your Distinction

If you're looking to commemorate your service or the service of a loved one, custom medals are a fantastic option. Our company specializes in crafting tailor-made military medals that capture the essence of your achievements. Whether it's air force medals, navy medals, army medals, or any other distinction, our team will design each U.S. military medal with meticulous care.


We understand the significance of these honors and the pride they represent. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that each custom medal is a true reflection of your dedication and commitment.


In addition to custom medals, we also offer a wide range of badges UK. These badges serve as emblems of honor and affiliation, and they can be personalized to meet your specific needs.