Are Enamel Pins Expensive to Make

Curious about how much it costs to make an enamel pin? The impact on pricing for these pins is multifaceted and will vary depending on your specific requirements. Therefore, whether enamel pins are expensive or not is closely related to the effect you want to achieve. Of course, Badges UK will promise to give you the lowest price in the UK.

Enamel pins are essentially completely custom products, and if you are a designer or you want to commemorate something with a custom enamel pin, you can work with a professional pin manufacturer to bring your vision to life. There are several factors that affect the total cost such as design pattern, quantity, size, thickness, mold/setup, base metal, pin type, finish, color, add-ons, accessories, packaging and shipping method.

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Putting It All Together: The Cost of Making One Enamel Pin

Quantity and size: Base cost is affected by quantity and size. Ordering larger quantities or smaller sizes can help save costs. Badges UK provides transparent pricing charts on their website, allowing you to take a closer look and easily determine the costs based on your specific needs.

Graphic Design: The good news is that graphic design is a free service when you order bespoke badges from Badges UK. Describe your design vision and our highly skilled team will assist you with 1-3 revisions to ensure your work is perfect.

Size and Thickness: Larger pins generally incur higher costs due to the increased material required. Badges UK recommends common sizes such as 1 inch or 1.25 inches for versatility. The thickness of the pin is usually determined by its size, but custom options are also available.

Tooling or Setup Costs: Each custom pin order incurs a tooling/setup cost, usually around $50 per pin.

Base Metals: Choose from standard base metals such as iron, brass, copper or zinc alloys. Badges UK advises on cost differences and ensures quality, whatever metal is chosen.

Pin Types: Different pin types, such as die cast, hard enamel, light dome, and soft enamel, have different costs.

Finish: Gold or silver plating is usually included in the price of the pin, but gold plating may incur an additional cost. British Badges clarifies these details to ensure you understand your plating options.

Colors: Most badge companies (including Badges UK) offer up to 8 colors for free. Additional colors may incur a slight additional charge per color.

Add-ons: Considerations such as pendants, sliders, spinners, winks, hinges, and chains can enhance your pins but may increase the cost.

Accessories: Standard accessories such as butterfly clutches or rubber clutches are often provided free of charge. Luxury clutches or magnet backs may incur additional charges.

Packaging: While Badges UK's custom pins come packaged in individual plastic bags by default, you can choose other packaging options such as card-backed, plastic hinged boxes or velvet hinged boxes at varying costs.

Shipping: Badges UK offer simple shipping options, shipping is charged separately, please inquire for specific prices.