Flag Badges | Reward and Motivate Your Students

As a teacher or school administrator, you understand the importance of recognizing and motivating your students. That's why we at Badges UK offer a wide range of flag badges for your school. Our flag badges are perfect for showcasing academic achievements, supporting a cause, or displaying school pride.

Crafted from solid brass, our flag badges are durable and long-lasting. The secure butterfly clasp fastening ensures that these badges stay in place throughout the school term. Plus, the epoxy coating on the front of the badge guarantees that it will maintain its pristine appearance even with daily wear and tear.

Our flag school badges are an excellent way to showcase a particular aptitude for a language or to demonstrate support for a charity or fundraising event. These badges can be worn on a blazer lapel, school tie, or even a school bag, making them versatile for any school uniform.

In addition, our flag school badges are perfect for twinned schools or student exchange programs. By wearing a badge that represents another country, students can showcase their participation in these programs and foster stronger connections with students from other parts of the world.

At Badges UK, we offer a variety of flag badges, including standard rectangular and circular lapel badges. If you have a design in mind for a custom badge, we would be happy to work with you to create something unique.

We take pride in our wide selection of over 200 country and regional flag badges. All of our badges are sized around 20mm to 25mm and come with a secure spur and butterfly clasp fixing. So whether you want to show loyalty to your country, keep track of countries you've visited, or simply appreciate the art of vexillology, our flag badges are the perfect addition to any collection.

Order your flag badges from Badges UK and reward your students with a tangible symbol of their achievements and school pride. With our high-quality badges, your students will be motivated to continue excelling in their studies and representing their school with pride.

29 products

29 products