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Welcome to the UK's premier supplier of tailor-made Lanyards, perfect for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our extensive range offers a variety of options to meet your specific requirements.

Our extensive range of customised and personalised lanyards come in a variety of materials, styles and sizes to choose from. From plain to pre-printed and personalized designs, we have you covered. Our custom lanyards are ideal for displaying IDs, name tags and keycards. You can easily attach them to ID card holders for a hassle-free display of photo ID cards.

Our collection of retractable lanyards is ideal for when extra security and reach is needed. Customize your Lanyards with extra features such as quick release buckles, printed badge reels, or luxury clips. For those wanting an added touch, printed lanyards with logos or slogans are gaining more and more popularity. These Lanyards serve multiple purposes, whether it's identifying staff, students, or visitors, or promoting events like conferences and festivals.

Beyond their importance in security-conscious workplaces, they double as cost-effective promotional products, allowing you to showcase your brand effortlessly and stylishly. Don't miss out—get your ideal Lanyards today and elevate your branding and identification needs!

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27 products

27 products

The Custom Lanyards Buying Process



Through collaborative consultations, we grasp your brand's core, values, and intended lanyard message. Our adept designers then morph your concepts into visuals, seamlessly integrating logos, custom artwork, and chosen colors. As your dedicated manufacturing partner, we bring your unique lanyard ideas to life with precision and care in our factory.

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We custom lanyards in our factory using quality materials for durability, comfort, and a polished appearance. Our state-of-the-art printing ensures vibrant colors, sharp logos, and clear text in line with your design. Our skilled production team efficiently assembles each lanyard with precision, incorporating any selected additional features.



After passing rigorous quality checks, the lanyards are meticulously packaged to safeguard against transit damage. We will ship as fast as possible and deliver the goods to you as soon as possible.

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Retractable Lanyard

Retractable lanyards are commonly used for securing small tools, ID badges, access cards, keys, or other lightweight objects. The retractable design allows the user to extend the lanyard when needed for use and automatically retracts it when not in use.


Metal Clip

The metal clip on a lanyard is a small, sturdy hook or clasp at the end of the lanyard, enabling users to fasten their items for easy visibility and accessibility when wearing the lanyard around their neck or on clothing or bags.


Lanyard Card Holder

Lanyard card holders come in many different materials, such as metal, plastic, and rubber. You can choose the appropriate material to customize the card holder according to your preferences.

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