How Do You Display Enamel Badges?

Enamel badges have a long and storied history as symbols of belonging, achievement and status.


An enamel badge, also called an enamel pin, is a small decorative ornament usually made of metal with a colored enamel coating. These emblems have been around for centuries but only gained widespread popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries. Due to its high durability and vibrant distinctive design, it becomes a valuable collector's item and appreciation item.


There are many types of enamel school badges, each with a unique purpose and design. Logo badges are often used for branding and marketing, while commemorative badges commemorate events that are significant to the bearer. In addition, there is also a club badge, which allows the wearer to display his or her membership in various organizations and clubs. The choice of badge type depends on the message and image you want to convey.


Enamel badges have a wide range of applications. In the corporate world, they serve as promotional tools and symbols of appreciation. In education, they symbolize academic achievement and school spirit. Cultural institutions use badges as mementos of heritage, and social clubs use badges to create a sense of belonging. Successful applications of enamel badges can be seen everywhere, adding color and meaning to everyday life.

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With their bright colors and intricate designs, enamel badges make fantastic collectibles and decorative elements that embellish other items. Here, we will explore at least fifteen creative ways for you to display your enamel badges, and you can turn your enamel badges into eye-catching works of art through these creative display methods.


  1. Decorative lanyard

Not only are lanyards useful for securing ID cards, they also serve as a stylish canvas for your enamel badges. Wear your badges proudly around your neck and make them a prominent conversation starter.


  1. Nail them to the cork board

Cork boards offer a classic and versatile option for displaying your enamel badges. You can arrange them in any shape and combination you like to highlight your personal fashion sense.


  1. Do some embroidery

Enamel badges can be incorporated into fabric art. Use your creativity to embroider them onto clothing, backpacks or fabric banners to create a unique and personalized touch.


  1. Use a scarf

Add a pop of color and personality to your overall fashion by wearing a scarf with an enamel badge.


  1. Place them on an earring display stand

Earring display stands are not limited to earrings. You can also use them to display your enamel badges, arranging them neatly and attractively on these compact display stands.


  1. Make a badge light

If you want a truly unique decoration, consider making a lamp decorated with pins. Attach your badge to a lampshade or base for a unique display that will make your collection sparkle day or night.


  1. Bag decorated with safety pins

Turn your bag into a work of art by nailing an enamel badge to it. Customize the look of your bag for any occasion with a variety of styles of enamel badges that can be removed or left at will, so you can always change their placement on the bag to suit your preferences.


  1. Enamel pincushion

Enamel badges can find a home on pincushions, not only in your sewing kit, but also as decorative elements in your own living space. This is a fun twist on a traditional craft.


  1. Place them on the mannequin’s clothes

If you have a mannequin, you can pin it to the mannequin's clothing to display your enamel badge more visually. Usually suitable for merchants who want to add a different charm to the clothes they sell, or people who want to decorate their room with a different mannequin.


  1. Fixed banner

Create your own unique badge banner by stringing ribbon or twine horizontally and affixing badges to it in rows. This method allows you to easily change the display as your collection grows.


  1. Pin pennant


Similar to pin banners, if you want a wider display platform, you can create a pennant and pin your enamel badge to the pennant in a unique artistic form. Once you've designed them just the way you like them, hang them proudly on your wall.


  1. Old denim jacket

This is a very classic way to give an old denim jacket a new look by brightly decorating it with enamel badges. Not only does this put a fresh spin on a classic piece, but it also highlights your personal style.


  1. Felt Alphabet Board

Enamel badges can be an unexpected addition to felt letter boards. Surround your favorite quotes or messages with your featured collection for a unique visual experience.


  1. Old roll of parchment

Unroll an old piece of parchment or scroll and staple your coat of arms to it. This antique or vintage backdrop will create a sense of history to your collection.


  1. Display frame

Arrange your badges on a colorful or patterned background, then hang them on the wall in a beautiful frame for an eye-catching display.

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With these creative ways to display your enamel badges, you can transform your collection into a captivating visual experience and your space into a more personal one. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild and have fun displaying your enamel badge collection in a special way!