ENGLISH Bar Badge For School Awards

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Colors: Red / Blue / Green

Size: 45mm

Gold Finish

Back: Brooch fitting

Resin Domed, Scratch Proof

Made By Badges UK

ENGLISH Bar Badge: a symbol of English proficiency and English achievement

If you've ever attended a British school, you've probably seen students proudly wearing ENGLISH Bar Badges over their blazers or shirts. But what exactly is an ENGLISH Bar Badge, and why is it so important?

The ENGLISH Bar Badge is a school badges usually awarded to students who demonstrate excellent English language skills. These ENGLISH Bar Badges usually feature a logo design representing the school or organization, with the words "ENGLISH" or "ENGLISH LANGUAGE" highlighted.

In addition to ENGLISH Bar Badges, schools can award subject badges for achievement in other areas, such as maths, science or the arts. These badges are visible signs of a student's contribution to a particular subject and attainment of a certain level or acquisition of a skill and can be a source of pride for both the student and the school.

But what sets the ENGLISH Bar Badge apart from other school badges? First, English is widely recognized as a key skill that is vital to success in many fields, including business, academics and international relations. By earning the ENGLISH Bar Badge, students demonstrate not only their mastery of the English language, but also their commitment to improving English-related skills and achieving excellence in English proficiency.

Getting an ENGLISH Bar Badge is no easy feat. Schools usually have strict criteria for awarding the ENGLISH Bar Badge, which may include achieving high grades in English classes, participation in English-related extracurricular activities, and passing an English language proficiency test. Only the most dedicated and skilled students are eligible for this honor, making it a truly meaningful achievement.

Discover the advantages of acquiring a personalized English Bar Badge! The pin custom badges holds remarkable benefits for students, serving as a valuable enhancement to their CVs or university applications. It showcases their dedication and mastery of key aspects of the English language, making a strong impression on potential academic institutions or employers.


People Also Ask

1. How to get English bar badge?
In order to get an English bar badge, you should work hard to improve your English skills and get high marks in the school's English class and English test, which is the most basic condition for getting an English bar badge. In addition, if you want to apply for an English bar badge from a school, depending on the school, there may be different requirements for obtaining it. Some schools also require students to actively participate in extracurricular activities related to English.Besides,you can also get rainbow badges in our stores.

2. How much does the English bar badge cost?
The cost of an English bar badge depends on the style and size you choose. Generally, a standard English bar badge costs around £0.79 each. The cost of a custom English bar badge will depend on the complexity of the design you choose.

3. How long does it take to receive the English bar badge?
It usually takes around 10-20 days to receive your English bar badge from Badges UK if you ordered from Badges uk. The company offers a range of express delivery options so you can receive your English bar badge faster if necessary.

4. How often do you need to renew your English bar badge?
This depends on the relevant regulations of the school where you obtained the English bar badge. Generally speaking, this is permanently valid, but some schools also set an expiration date for the English bar badge. You need to apply to the school for renewal in advance.

5. Can anyone buy an English bar badge?
Yes, there is no limit to purchase English bar badges, but if you need an English bar badge issued by an authority, you must meet the corresponding conditions for applying for an English bar badge.