HISTORY Bar Badge For School Awards

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Colors: Red / Blue / Green

Size: 45mm

Gold Finish

Back: Brooch fitting

Resin Domed, Scratch Proof

Made By Badges UK

Badges UK is proud to introduce the HISTORY Bar Badge: an innovative way for students to show their love for history. The HISTORY Bar Badge is a unique way of displaying a student’s achievements in history in a fun and creative way. It’s an easy and affordable way to turn a student’s hard work into a piece of wearable art.

The HISTORY Bar Badge is designed to be easily customised. It can be personalised to include a student’s name, school name, or any special message. The badge is available in a range of designs that reflect the student’s interest in history. They can choose from a variety of colours and styles to make sure the badge is truly unique.

The HISTORY Bar Badge is a great way to encourage students to take an interest in history. It’s a fun and easy way to reward students for their hard work and dedication. For elementary school students, the school badges can serve as a reminder of the importance of learning about the past. For junior high school students, the badge can serve as a motivation to work hard and strive for excellence. For high school students, the badge can serve as a reminder of the importance of studying history and can be a great way to show off their accomplishments.

The HISTORY Bar Badge is also a great way to show off a student’s commitment to history. Students can proudly display their badge on their backpacks or clothing. It’s a great conversation starter and can help students feel more confident in their history classes.Whether affixed to backpacks or adorned on clothing, these personalised badges become a dynamic proclamation of one's passion for history.


People Also Ask

1. How Do I Get a History Bar Badge?
You only need to place an order on our Badges UK official website, then discuss the design details with us, pay the money, and wait for us to make the History Bar Badge for you.

2. Is There a Cost Associated with the History Bar Badge?
At Badges UK, we offer the History Bar Badge about£0.79. May be more expensive if you want to customize.

3. Is There a Time Limit to Obtain a History Bar Badge?
No, there is no time limit to obtain a History Bar Badge from Badges UK. You may buy a badge at any time, as long as you want it.

4. What Are the Benefits of Having a History Bar Badge?
Having a History Bar Badge can open the door to many different kinds of opportunities. It can be used to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of history, as well as your commitment to the subject. It can also be used to gain access to special events and organizations related to history. Finally, it can be used to impress potential employers and demonstrate your dedication to the study of history.

5. Is there a minimum number required to obtain a History Bar Badge?
The minimum order quantity for Badges UK is 50 pieces.