Angola Flag Badge

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Angola Flag Badge

Size: 20mm

Gold Finish

Back: Butterfly Clutch fitting

Made By Badges UK


Honor Angola's Rich Heritage with the Angola Flag Badge from Badges UK

The Angola flag badge is a symbol that proudly represents the nation's history, culture, and values. This badge is a small but meaningful accessory that allows individuals to show their respect and admiration for Angola in a simple yet impactful way.

The flag of Angola consists of two horizontal stripes: a red stripe at the top and a black one at the bottom. In the center, there is a large emblem featuring a yellow five-pointed star, a gear wheel, and a machete. Each element of the emblem holds significant meaning for the country.

The red stripe signifies the bloodshed during Angola's struggle for independence from colonial rule, while the black stripe represents the continent of Africa and the people's unity and determination. The yellow star symbolizes the hope for a brighter future, and the gear wheel and machete together stand for industrial and agricultural workers, highlighting the nation's commitment to progress and development.

Wearing the Angola flag badge is a way to pay tribute to the history of the country and its people's resilience. By displaying this emblem, individuals can express their admiration for Angola's efforts in overcoming challenges and building a prosperous nation.

Badges UK is a company known for its high-quality badges and commitment to honoring different countries' flags. Badges UK offers a range of flag badges, including the Angola flag badge, made from durable materials and designed with precision to capture the essence.

The Angola flag badge from Badges UK is not just a piece of metal or fabric; it represents a profound sense of pride and respect for Angola's heritage. Whether worn on clothing, backpacks, or displayed on other personal items, this badge allows people to carry a piece of Angola with them, wherever they go.

Furthermore, the Angola flag badge can be used to celebrate special occasions and national events, showing solidarity with the Angolan community worldwide. It is a simple yet meaningful way to foster a sense of unity and belonging among people of Angolan descent and those who appreciate the nation's culture and history.

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