Armor of God Challenge Coin

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Armor of God Challenge Coin

Coin Size: 40mm

Made By Badges UK


The Armor of God Challenge Coin is a symbol of faith and valor. Its design is inspired by a passage from the Bible, specifically Ephesians 6:10-18. This passage encourages Christians to put on the "full armor of God" to stand strong against spiritual forces of evil. The Armor of God Challenge Coin serves as a tangible reminder of these spiritual values.

Design Elements:

The Armor: The central design of the coin often features a depiction of the various pieces of armor mentioned in Ephesians 6, including the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, shield of faith, belt of truth, sword of the Spirit, and the shoes of peace. Each of these elements represents different aspects of a Christian's faith and spiritual life.

Cross and Christian Symbols: You may find a cross, a fish symbol (ichthys), or other Christian symbols incorporated into the custom coins' design, underscoring its religious significance.

Inspirational Text: Around the edge of the challenge coins, there might be inscriptions of Bible verses or motivational quotes that emphasize the importance of faith, courage, and unity.

Badges UK have a long-standing history of craftsmanship and attention to detail. When you purchase an Armor of God Challenge Coin from Badges UK, you can trust that you are receiving a finely crafted piece with a meaningful design.

The Armor of God Challenge Coin is more than just a collectible item; it's a powerful symbol of faith, courage, and unity for those who choose to carry it. Whether you carry it as a personal reminder or share it with fellow believers, the Armor of God Challenge Coin is a cherished emblem of spiritual strength and unity.