British Army Challenge Coins

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British Army Challenge Coins

Coin Size: 40mm

Made By Badges UK


Challenge coins have long been a tradition in the military, including the esteemed British Army. These small, uniquely designed tokens carry significant meaning and pride, often representing a soldier's dedication, service, and accomplishments. One such remarkable challenge coin in the British Army's collection is the British Assault Rifle Coin.

Challenge coins are special medallions or tokens awarded to military personnel to commemorate their achievements or to symbolize membership in a particular unit or organization. The tradition dates back to World War I and has since evolved into a cherished custom in the military community. These coins are usually engraved with unique designs and are often carried by soldiers as a symbol of pride and camaraderie.

The British Army takes great pride in its rich history and traditions, and challenge coins are no exception. These coins are awarded to soldiers for various reasons, including exceptional performance, completion of arduous training, or as a token of appreciation for their service.

One particularly notable British Army challenge coin is the British Assault Rifle Coin. It serves as a testament to the marksmanship and proficiency of these soldiers in handling this vital tool of their trade.

Badges UK is a renowned manufacturer of military patches, badges, and challenge coins. Badges UK collaborates closely with military units and organizations to design and craft challenge coins that reflect the unique identity and achievements of these units.

British Army challenge coins, like the British Assault Rifle Coin, hold a special place in the hearts of soldiers. They serve as tangible reminders of dedication, service, and camaraderie among military personnel. Badges UK play a crucial role in bringing these coins to life, ensuring that they are crafted with precision and care.