Cartoon Medal

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Cartoon Medal

Size: 70mm*65mm

Gold Finish 

Made By Badges UK


Cartoon Medal: Add fun and creativity to awards with British badges

Awards play a vital role in recognizing achievement and celebrating it. They are not only a recognition of hard work and dedication, but also a treasured token of appreciation. Among the various types of awards, cartoon medals are one of the most popular.

Cartoon medal is a unique and fun take on traditional awards. Unlike traditional medals, which often feature simple designs and standard shapes, cartoon medal draw inspiration from beloved animated characters and designs. These medals come in a variety of shapes, but one popular choice is the "Mickey Mouse Shape," which depicts a charming silhouette resembling the iconic Disney character.

Cartoon medals inject fun and creativity into the awarding process. Whether it's at school, a sporting event, a corporate party, or any other occasion, these custom medals will bring smiles to the winners. Playful designs and the use of familiar characters make identification more enjoyable and memorable.

By incorporating cartoon medals into ceremonies and events, organizers can create an energetic and lively atmosphere. Children are especially drawn to these adorable designs, which create an active and welcoming environment for learning and participation.

Badges UK is a renowned company specializing in the production of high quality badges and awards, playing a major role in bringing cartoon medals to life. With expertise in design and manufacturing, Badges UK produce captivating first-class cartoon medals. Take a look at our company website, we also have a great product, School Badges, worth checking out.

One of the many advantages of working with Badges UK is the opportunity for customization and personalisation. Event organizers can customize cartoon medals to meet their specific requirements. Whether adding event names, dates or personalizing messages, Badges UK ensures each medal tells a unique story.

Cartoon medal provides a delightful and imaginative way to recognize achievement and celebrate success. With their charming 'Mickey Mouse shape' and playful designs, these medals add a touch of fun and creativity to any award show. Thanks to companies like British Insignia, these lovely creations come to life, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient and making every event that much more memorable. So the next time you plan to honor someone for their accomplishments, consider awarding them a cartoon medal and let the magic of these delightful creations brighten their day.