Children's Sports Day Enamel Medals

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Children's Sports Day Medals

Size: 70mm

Copper Finish

Made By Badges UK


The Games are an exciting event where children, teachers and parents come together to celebrate teamwork, sportsmanship and physical activity. One of the highlights of this special day was the awarding of medals to the young participants as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Children's Sports Day Medals are of great value as they symbolize recognition of the efforts of young athletes. Winning a custom medal can provide a sense of accomplishment and boost the confidence of participants. Additionally, medals serve as a tangible reminder of the skills and talents they have demonstrated, motivating them to continue playing sports and physical activity.

'Badges UK' is a well-known company that specializes in high quality medals and badges for all occasions. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made them the first choice for sports event organizers across the country. We offer a variety of options to provide the perfect medals to celebrate children's achievements.

A special feature of "Badges UK" is the creativity of its medal design. They offer a variety of options, including unique shapes like "snowflake" medals. The "Snowflake" medal design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also adds a personal element to the prize, making it stand out from the traditional round medals. Apart from personalized medals, school badges are also a good gift for children, if you are interested, you can click on our website to browse the products.

To make Children's Sports Day even more special, 'Badges UK' allows for customization options. Organizers can choose different materials, colors and engraving styles to customize the medals according to the theme of the event or competition. Personalized medals leave a lasting impact on winners, becoming cherished keepsakes of their sporting day experiences.

Children's Sports Day Medals hold a special place in the hearts of young athletes. They symbolize recognition, encouragement and achievement, making the Games experience more fulfilling. As we continue to celebrate the efforts of our little champions, let us remember that these medals represent not only sporting success, but also the development of fundamental life skills that will always accompany them.

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