Declaration of Independence Coin

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Declaration of Independence Coin

Size: 40mm

Made By Badges UK


In the realm of challenge coins, few hold the historical significance and patriotic allure as the Declaration of Independence Coin. Crafted to honor the foundational document of the United States, this coin embodies the spirit of freedom and liberty that nation was built upon.

The Declaration of Independence Coin is not just a piece of metal; it is a work of art. Its design encapsulates the essence of the historic document, featuring intricate engravings of the Liberty Bell, an emblematic symbol of American independence.

Every Declaration of Independence Coin is more than a mere collectible; it is a tribute to the rich history of the United States.

Behind the creation of this remarkable coin stands Badges UK, a company known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With precision and dedication, we have brought to life a coin that pays homage to the most pivotal moment in American history.

Whether displayed in a collector's cabinet or carried as a token of pride, the Declaration of Independence Coin is a symbol of patriotism. It serves as a constant reminder of the principles upon which the United States was founded and the enduring spirit of liberty that unites us as a nation.