Football Badges

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Football Badges

Colors: Red / Blue / Green

Size: 45mm

Gold Finish

Back: Brooch fitting

Resin Domed, Scratch Proof

Made By Badges UK

Football Badges: Symbols of Club Loyalty and Status

Football has never been just a game or an ordinary sport. It's also the way millions of people around the world live and play. Football clubs are more than a team, they are institutional symbols that represent the culture and identity of their communities. And what better way to show your loyalty and support for your favorite football club than with Custom Football Badge?

Football Badges, also known as club badges or crests, are a symbol of pride and status for football clubs and their fans. Among them, the meaning of England Football Badge refers to a small decorative pin or badge. These featured badges are often worn proudly by fans on the lapels or breast pockets of jackets, blazers or shirts. They are also often found on scarves, hats, and other fan merchandise as a symbol.

Football Badges are often designed using a combination of colours, symbols and text that represent the football club's history, location or culture. The most prominent element of Football Badges is usually the name or abbreviation of the football club to clearly show the identity of the football club. Other common design elements include the football club's mascot, the year it was founded, and the club's motto or slogan, all intended to signify the club's identity.

One of the most important aspects of Football Badges is its uniqueness. Each football club has its own unique crest which sets it apart from other football clubs. It's this uniqueness that makes Football Badges such a valuable asset for fans. It represents their connection to the club and allows them to showcase their membership within the larger community of supporters.

Apart from the official football badges, there exists a world of personalized possibilities with custom pin badges dedicated to football. These bespoke football badges are tailor-made for fan groups or enthusiasts, showcasing designs that mirror the unique identity or preferences of the collective. Embracing a custom football badge offers a dynamic means to exhibit unwavering backing for your beloved club. Additionally, it acts as a catalyst for interaction, sparking discussions and fostering connections among fellow supporters who resonate with your fervor. These custom pin badges amplify your affiliation with your favorite team, while also serving as a bridge to establishing camaraderie with like-minded fans who share your fervent enthusiasm.

Custom Football Badges are not limited to professional clubs. They are also popular with amateur teams, including school football teams. School badges uk can be customized with school colours, logo or mascot. These school badges can be a great way to promote school spirit and pride.


Football Badges UK refers to the collection of badges used by clubs and national teams across the United Kingdom. Each badge represents the history, culture, and values of the respective team and serves as a unifying symbol for fans and players alike.

The Wales Football Badge is a symbol of pride and identity for the Welsh national football team. It features a red dragon, known as Y Ddraig Goch, on a white and green background.

The France Football Badge showcases the Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France, surrounded by a blue shield with red and white accents.

The English Football Badges vary across different teams, but they often incorporate the three lions, representing strength and courage.

The Iran Football Badge features a stylized version of the national flag, with a red lion and sun on a white background, symbolizing power and energy.

The Scotland Football Badge showcases a rampant lion, representing bravery and power, surrounded by a navy blue shield with white and gold accents.

The Argentina Football Badge features the iconic blue and white stripes, representing the national flag, with a golden sun in the center. It embodies the passion and skill of Argentine football.

The Brazil Football Badge showcases a golden canary, known as the "Seleção," on a green and yellow background. It represents the vibrant and samba-style football played by the Brazilian national team.


People Also Ask

1. How to get the Football Badge?
As the premier destination for football enthusiasts, Badges UK takes pride in being the foremost supplier of Football Badges across the UK. Our comprehensive collection caters to fans of every club, encompassing renowned teams within the Premier League and beyond. From classic designs to innovative creations, our Football Badges resonate with the passion and dedication that fans bring to the beautiful game. As a testament to our commitment, we extend an invitation to explore our collection, which includes a vibrant array of options, including the rainbow badges uk. Elevate your fan experience and proudly showcase your affiliation with your favorite team through our diverse and accessible online purchasing platform.

2. How much is the Football Badge?
The cost of a Football Badge will vary based on badge type and design. Badges UK offers a range of Football Badges to suit all budgets, from standard Football Badges to limited edition Football Badge collectibles. Prices start from as low as £0.79 and we also offer discounts for bulk orders.

3. What is the purpose of the Football Badge?
The purpose of the Football badge is to show support and loyalty to a particular football club. Wearing a Football Badge is a way for fans to show their passion and pride for their team and a way of expressing who they are as a fan.

4. How long will the Football badge be valid for?
Football Badges are usually made of metal so they should last a long time without fading or tarnishing. However, if your Football Badge is made of enamel, it may need to be replaced after a few years.

5. Does the Football Badge give you special perks?
No, the Football Badge does not give you any privileges. It is simply a badge of recognition or status, not associated with any particular privilege or benefit. However, maybe some official football clubs will give fans a little perk for wearing their official Football Badge.

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