Head Boy Shield Badges

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Head Boy Shield Badges

Colors: Red / Blue / Green

Size: 35mm*32mm

Gold Finish

Back: Brooch fitting

Resin Domed, Scratch Proof

Made By Badges UK

Head Boy Badges – A Symbol of Leadership, Respect and Pride
Head Boy Badges are a symbol of leadership, respect and pride for students in elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools. Badges UK is a leading provider of Head Boy Badges for schools, and we pride ourselves on providing quality, durable and long-lasting school badges that will last for years.

A Head Boy Badge is typically an ornate, metal badge of distinction that is worn by the Head Boy of a school - the student leader who is chosen to represent their school and to take on additional responsibilities. Head Boys often have duties such as leading assemblies, representing their school at events, and helping to organise activities. The featured Head Boy badge is a symbol of their status as well as a reminder of the important role they have to play.

Head Boy Badges are usually made of metal, although they can also be made of plastic or other materials. They often feature the school's crest, logo or name, and may also include the words 'Head Boy'. The design of the badge will vary depending on the school, and some may also include engravings or other decorative elements.

Badges UK offers a wide range of Head Boy Badges to suit any school's needs. Our badges are designed with durability and longevity in mind, so they can be worn for years without fading or tarnishing. We also offer custom pin badges for those who want a unique badge for their Head Boy.

In addition, we will also provide other series of badges, such as special badges, rainbow badge, school badges and so on.


People Also Ask

1. Where Can I Buy a Head Boy Shield Badge?
Badges UK is the number one provider of head boy shield badges in the UK. We offer a wide selection of head boy shield badges, including custom-made designs to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a standard badge or a personalized one, Badges UK has the perfect head boy shield badge for you. Our products main is traditional metal badges. All our head boy shield badges are made from quality materials and are designed to last.

2. What Do Head Boy Shield Badges Look Like?
Head boy shield badges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small round badges to larger metal shields. They can also feature a variety of designs, from traditional crests to contemporary designs. You can choose from a range of colors and materials, such as iron, brass or zinc alloy.

3. How Much Does a Head Boy Shield Badge Cost?
The cost of a head boy shield badge depends on the size, design and material. Standard metal head boy shield badges start at around £0.79.

4. Does a Head Boy Shield Badge Come with a Ribbon?
No, we do not provide this service.

5. What is the Significance of a Head Boy Shield Badge?
A head boy shield badge is a symbol of leadership and responsibility. It is worn by the head boy as a sign of his authority and respect within the school. The badge is also a reminder of the student’s commitment to his role and the importance of upholding the values of the school.