Reflective Badge

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Reflective Badge

Size: 80mm*50mm / 128mm*40mm

Back: Velcro

Made By Badges UK


Navigating the demands of modern high-risk professions requires a keen focus on safety and visibility. In this regard, reflective patches emerge as a paramount solution. These meticulously designed badges act as beacons in low-light environments, significantly amplifying visibility and thereby augmenting both safety and overall efficiency. Crafted with precision and engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various high-risk sectors, these reflective patches stand as a testament to innovation and practicality. When every second counts, having these patches as an integral part of your work gear can make a pivotal difference in ensuring a secure and productive work environment.


Ambulance Reflective Badges:

Ambulance crews need urgent visibility during emergencies. Reflective badges designed for ambulances use highly reflective materials, ensuring they stand out on the road even in the darkest environments.


First Aid, Medic, and Paramedic Reflective Badges:

First responders often work in challenging conditions. Reflective badges designed for them help them stand out in chaotic environments.


Police Reflective Badges:

Law enforcement officers face risks while on duty. Reflective police badges enhance their visibility during night patrols, traffic stops, and emergencies, promoting a safer community.


Reflective Badges for Jackets:

Reflective badges can attach to jackets, providing visibility for outdoor workers, cyclists, and pedestrians. This improves safety for both badge wearers and drivers on the road.


Custom Reflective Badges:

Badges UK offers ready-made and custom reflective badges. Customization allows organizations to incorporate logos and colors while ensuring visibility and safety.


Reflective badges are essential for professionals in high-risk environments. They enhance visibility and safety, enabling effective job performance and contributing to a safer environment for everyone.


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