Resident Evil Patch

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Resident Evil Patch

Size: 80mm

Back: Velcro

Made By Badges UK


If you're a fan of the popular survival horror game, Resident Evil, you're in for a treat! Recently, the renowned company "Badges UK" has released an exciting new product called the "Resident Evil Patch."

The Biohazard patch is a small, custom-designed emblem that you can attach to your character's outfit. It features the iconic biohazard symbol from the Resident Evil series, adding a touch of authenticity and excitement to your gameplay.

Obtaining the Biohazard patch is a straightforward process. Badges UK has made it incredibly easy for Resident Evil fans to own this exciting accessory. Simply head to their website and browse through their collection of gaming patches. Locate the Biohazard patch, and with just a few clicks, it will be added to your cart. Proceed to the checkout, and voilà – you'll soon have the Biohazard patch delivered right to your doorstep!

Are you a hardcore Resident Evil fan who can't get enough of the spine-chilling action and heart-pounding adventures? The Biohazard patch allows you to express your passion for the game in the real world. Display it on your backpack, jacket, or even your gaming gear to let everyone know you're a true Resident Evil enthusiast.

With Badges UK's Biohazard patch, you can take your Resident Evil gaming experience to a whole new level. Embrace the thrill of survival horror and wear the emblem with pride. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to show off your love for the iconic game and enjoy the envy of your fellow fans.

Our website offers a wide range of custom badges UK including the iconic Biohazard patch. So, if you're ready to immerse yourself further into the world of Resident Evil, head over to Badges UK's website, and order your Biohazard patch today! Enhance your gaming journey and join the ranks of devoted fans who proudly wear this emblem of survival horror excellence.