Rugby Badge

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Rugby Badge

Size: 20mm

Gold Finish

Back: Butterfly Clutch fitting

Made By Badges UK


Rugby is an exciting sport enjoyed by millions around the world and known for its high intensity game and passionate fan base. One of the things that unites rugby fans apart from the game on the field is pride in the team badge. A football badge is not just a piece of cloth or metal; it's a piece of cloth or metal. It is a symbol of loyalty, a source of identity and a sign of authenticity. This is where companies like 'Badges UK' come into play, ensuring rugby fans get authentic badges they can cherish.

Authentication is a critical aspect of football badges. The Authentic Badge indicates it is an officially licensed product and has been approved by the appropriate rugby body. It ensures that you support your team in the truest manner. Counterfeit or unauthorized badges not only hurt a team's revenue, but also reduce the badge's value to fans.

"Badges UK" is a reputable company that takes accreditation very seriously. We work closely with rugby clubs and governing bodies to produce badges to high quality standards. When you buy badges from them, you can be confident that you're getting an authentic product.

Crafted with attention to detail, these badges represent the essence of the team's identity. Whether it is an iconic logo or a special commemorative design, "Badges UK" ensures that each badge reflects the spirit of the team. If you are a rugby team in your school, you need a rugby badge as your school badge, which will allow you to better express your identity.

Rugby badges don't just belong to fans; they belong to football teams, too. They play an important role in team merchandise, fundraising and fostering a sense of belonging for supporters. When you wear a real badge, you're not just showing your support for the team, you're showing your support for the team. You are also helping them thrive.

So next time you're looking for a football badge, remember the importance of authenticity. Proudly display your team loyalty by choosing a badge from 'Badges UK', a symbol that is not just a piece of cloth, but a true sign of support. Let's celebrate the game we love and support our teams the right way with authentic football badges.


In addition, we will also provide other series of badges, such as special badges, rainbow badge, school badges uk and so on.

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