SENIOR PREFECT Shield Enamel Badge

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Colors: Red / Blue / Green / Lake Blue

Size: 35mm*32mm

Gold Finish

Back: Brooch fitting

Resin Domed, Scratch Proof

Made By Badges UK

If you've ever been a student or teacher, you've probably come across the term "SENIOR PREFECT Shield Badge" or "student leader badges" at some point. These Senior Prefect Shield Badges are worn by students who have been honored as Senior Prefects or Student Leaders in their schools.

The Senior Prefect Shield Badge, also known as the School Prefect Badge or the senior prefect badge, is a symbol of honor and recognition awarded to students who are elected as Senior Prefects in their schools. These Senior Prefect Shield Badges are usually made of metal and are worn on the uniform as a distinguishing mark. The design of the coat of arms varies from school to school, but they all share a common denominator in the shape of a shield.

The coat of arms design for Prefect school badges is significant as it represents the duties and responsibilities of the character. The shield represents protection, while the colors and symbols represent the school's values and mission. The title of "Senior Prefect" or "Student Leader" is also engraved on the Senior Prefect Shield Badge for easy identification.

To earn the SENIOR PREFECT Shield Badge, students must go through a rigorous selection process. They should demonstrate adequate leadership, academic excellence and positive role model behavior. Students selected as Senior Prefects receive Senior Prefect Shield Badges in recognition of their hard work and service.

The Senior Prefect Shield Badge is not just about distinguishing status. It is a symbol of responsibility and leadership, reminding students as Senior Prefects of their responsibility to firmly uphold school values and promote a positive school environment. The Senior Prefect Shield Badge can also inspire other students to strive for excellence to become future senior prefects.

Badges UK is a company that manufactures and supplies school badges including the Senior Prefect Shield Badge. They will provide you with a wide range of designs and customizations to meet the needs of different schools.


People Also Ask

1. How to wear the Senior Prefect Shield Badge?
The Senior Prefect Shield Badge is usually worn on the left chest, just above the heart.The Senior Prefect Shield Badge should be worn with pride and respect as it is a symbol of leadership and responsibility. It's important to remember to remove the Senior Prefect Shield Badge when participating in a sporting event so it doesn't get damaged.

2. Is there any reward for Senior Prefect Shield Badge?
Some schools may award this Senior Prefect Shield Badge to senior prefects who demonstrate excellence in leadership, commitment and service. And the Senior Prefect Shield Badge can identify himself in the school, and sometimes can be allowed to enter certain areas or get certain powers.

3. How long does it take to produce the Senior Prefect Shield Badge?
Once your design is confirmed, we will start to make the Senior Prefect Shield Badge, this process generally takes 10-20 days, it may take longer if it is customized or ordered in large quantities.

4. Recommended Manufacturers of Senior Prefect Shield Badge
Badges UK is a leading supplier of Senior Prefect Shield Badges. Our Senior Prefect Shield Badges are made from high quality materials that are designed to last. Our Senior Prefect Shield Badges are perfect for recognizing senior executives for their hard work and dedication. We also offer a variety of customization options so you can create unique Senior Prefect Shield Badge. Whatever your needs, Badges UK has the perfect Senior Prefect Shield Badge for you.

5. How to get Senior Prefect Shield Badge?
You need to show extraordinary leadership and service attitude, and you need to have the status of senior prefect first. After showing your ability, you can apply to the school or educational institution for this badge, or they will take the initiative to issue you a Senior Prefect Shield Badge.

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