Singapore Flag Patch

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Singapore Flag Patch

Size: 80mm*50mm

Back: Velcro

Made By Badges UK


The official adoption of Singapore's flag took place in 1959. The flag of Singapore consists of two stripes, with the following symbolism:

- The red stripe represents brotherhood and equality.

- The white stripe represents purity and virtue.

- A crescent accompanied by five white stars serves as a reminder of the ideals Singaporean citizens strive for, namely democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality.


The Singapore Flag Patch by Badges UK offers a remarkable way to showcase patriotism. With its intricate design and high-quality craftsmanship, this embroidered patch captures the essence of Singapore's rich heritage.

Badges UK attention to detail, precision stitching, and use of vibrant colors result in patches that are visually striking and durable. The Singapore Flag Patch is no exception to their exceptional work, making it a must-have for Singaporeans and enthusiasts worldwide.

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