Gold Cross Badge

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Gold Cross Badge

Size: 25mm

Gold Finish

Back: Bufferfly Clutch

Made By Badges UK

Cross badge is not just fashionable accessories; they hold deep symbolic meaning for individuals across various cultures and beliefs. Ranging from the sacred Holy Cross to the bold Iron Cross, these badges provide a visual representation of faith, bravery, and personal identity.With the option for personalised badges, this symbolism can be elevated even further.


There are many kinds of cross badges, the following are some introductions about cross badges:


Blue Cross Badge and Blue Cross Pin Badge

The Blue Cross Badge and Blue Cross Pin Badge represent a symbol of hope, compassion, and service. Associated with humanitarian organizations, these badges are often worn by volunteers and healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to providing aid and care to those in need. The blue color signifies trust, calmness, and reliability, creating a sense of reassurance and support.


Cross Badge and Cross Pin Badge

The Cross Badge and Cross Pin Badge encompass a wide range of designs and interpretations, representing various religious affiliations, including Christianity. They serve as reminders of faith, sacrifice, and salvation. These school badges often feature a simple yet powerful cross design, making them versatile and suitable for everyday wear or as a statement piece during religious ceremonies.


Cross Stitch Badges

Cross Stitch Badges merge the art of embroidery with the symbolism of the cross. Crafted with intricate cross-stitched patterns, these badges are cherished for their beauty and attention to detail. They can be customized to showcase personal designs, adding a touch of individuality and creativity. Cross Stitch Badges are popular among craft enthusiasts, and they make unique gifts that carry a personal touch.


Holy Cross Badge

The Holy Cross Badge represents the central symbol of Christianity, embodying the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a powerful emblem of faith, sacrifice, and redemption. Worn by believers, the Holy Cross Badge serves as a visible expression of religious devotion, reminding individuals of their spiritual journey and the core principles of their faith.


Iron Cross Badge

The Iron Cross Badge carries historical significance, originating in Prussia and later adopted by Germany. It is a military decoration that symbolizes bravery, valor, and heroism. The Iron Cross Badge often features a stylized cross design with a black center and silver or white edges. Though associated with military service, it has also been adopted by various subcultures and is sometimes used to make fashion statements.


Here Badges UK present you the Gold Cross Badge. Our Gold Cross Badge is high quality, won't fade easily and is durable to use. It can add color to your clothing and show your beliefs.


In addition, we will also provide other series of badges, such as special badges, rainbow badge, school badges and so on.