Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin

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Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin

Size: 40mm

Gold Finish

Made By Badges UK


As history unfolds, there are moments that stand out and leave a lasting impact on society. Such moments are often celebrated to honor their significance, and one such historical event is the Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Badges UK, a renowned company known for crafting high-quality mementos, has released a special Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin.

A Platinum Jubilee marks the 70th anniversary of a significant event, and in this case, it celebrates the 70th year of a monarch's reign. This is a rare milestone, as only a few monarchs in history have achieved such longevity on the throne. To honor this remarkable achievement, countries around the world come together to celebrate and pay tribute to their revered leaders.

Badges UK, a prominent name in the industry of creating commemorative items, has been entrusted with the responsibility of designing and minting the Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin. With we expertise and dedication to preserving historical events, the company has crafted a remarkable keepsake that captures the essence of this momentous occasion.

The design of the Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin holds great significance. On the obverse side, it features a striking portrait of the monarch, symbolizing their 70 years of devoted service to the nation. Surrounding the portrait, delicate engravings depict iconic landmarks and symbols that represent the nation's history and culture.

On the reverse side, the commemorative coins showcase the emblem of the Platinum Jubilee, a beautiful combination of the national flower and elements denoting prosperity and unity. These symbolic representations evoke a sense of pride and unity among the nation's citizens as they celebrate this historical milestone.

The Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin is not only a piece of history but also a cherished memento that can be passed down through generations. As a limited-edition release, it becomes even more valuable to collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

As the world celebrates the Platinum Jubilee, Badges UK has played a pivotal role in preserving this historical milestone through the creation of the Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Coin. This beautifully designed keepsake not only honors the long and dedicated reign of a beloved monarch but also serves as a reminder of the unity and pride that the nation holds dear. By owning this exquisite piece of history, individuals can connect with the past and embrace the future as they celebrate this remarkable moment in time.